Monday, January 15, 2018

NEWS: Overthrust

Death metallers Overthrust (Botswana) posted the following announcement.
Hello world, this is to confirm that Overthrust General manager Mr Donald Odirle aka D-Wasted Thrust has resigned from Overthrust deathmetal band with effect from 02/01/2018.We have been working with Mr.Donald for 5 years now, he became our manager in August 2013, we have been having a peaceful relationship and we therefore appreciate the time he spent with Overthrust and wish him good luck in his future plans.He will be missed but surely as he promised he will always be around when needed.On behalf of Overthrust, we thank you Mr. Donald Odirle.
"Happy 2018 guys. I take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your future endeavours especially Overthrust metal band activities going forward. I appreciate the opportunity you afforded me working with you. So this serves as my resignation from Overthrust metal band with immediate effect. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST GUYS. Regards, Donald Odirile".
"To Manager: After your note of resignation from Overthrust metal band we did have directors discussion and we were wondering if could there have been reasons unknown to us that could not be disclosed by you, that could have maybe led to you taking such a decision without any warning or if is something personal then is ok if u can not disclose it to the management.We also looked at our files and noted that you never signed a contract though we have been together for 5 years hence your resignation with a note without a letter, thats understandable.If your decision is final and can not be changed by you in anyway then we obviously cant change your decision Sir, and we respect your choice. We had and still have good relationship and a bond with you that we promise never to break even if you will no longer be our manager , we appreciate the efforts, your support, your time and sacrifies you made for Overthrust developments and that will never be forgotten. We will also like to continue with the good relationship we had with you as we part ways peacefully without any conflicts or fights just like the first time we met and you be our manager. We will still give u the respect you deserve and treat you like the way we have been treating you as our manager. With all this we accept your resignation and we wish you good luck in future.Thank you very much. On behalf of Overthrust: Tshomarelo Mosaka"
"Donald, Brothers.... Kindly accept and realise that my decision is not out of bad feelings. Is just of my personal reasons which I don't want to affect anyone within negatively. So this is for the betterment of OVERTHRUST and I will always be there to assist where possible and brothers I'm not lost to you I'm there for you if need be. The respect for you will always be there up with best wishes for great rocking time until end of time. Love you guys."
"Tshomarelo, Thanks a lot manager. I understand. Goodluck."

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