Saturday, January 6, 2018

favorite album released this week, January 1st-6th, 2018: WATAIN

[Here is my personal album of the week: Watain. Below is the previously written reaction to the new album, if you have not seen it before. --MMB]
Trident Wolf Eclipse
Century Media Records
5 January 2018
After two days with the album, my first impressions of the new Watain are very positive. Professionals that they are, they return with a very good production for their black metal. You can hear everything clearly. The blasting sounds tight, and the melodies come across well, and the riffs drive the songs, and the overall feel is that of a band with eyes locked on making an album that sounds good to the ear, not just to themselves but to the listeners, too. They accomplished that goal.
Watain is not messing around. The first eight songs can be played live and they should work rather well. There is a sense of urgency: these songs are not supposed to go off the rails and go on tangents. They are supposed to get on the point quickly, and then stay on point for the duration. Watain aims to deliver the goods. New legions who are looking for black metal that is professional and serious, that you can hear well, and that can sound pretty big in your car while you drive, can't go wrong here. Watain has been around for a long time, and they know what to do. This is business, not a jam session in a garage.
The older supporters that want Watain to remain Watain will be pleased. The band has been to the circus and they have seen everything at this point, and the old loyalists should know by now that Watain is serious business. They will tour to play these songs and they know how to make songs that work. Watain does not lack confidence. Make an album that sounds good, play the black metal as they have done before, make songs for headbanging. The work is done. Bang your head.
As for the last song, after eight black metal songs, the band closes out the album with a longer, slower track, mostly for atmosphere, I would say. It's a different type of track. It is more like a moment to take out the album, and do a conclusion. It's the type of track that they could have in the background after a concert, as they say their goodbyes and let the crowd know that the lights are about to come back on. The show over. Until the next time. It's time to get back on the road.
1. Nuclear Alchemy 3:08
2. Sacred Damnation 4:41
3. Teufelsreich 4:27
4. Furor Diabolicus 4:43
5. A Throne Below 4:10
6. Ultra (Pandemoniac) 4:01
7. Towards The Sanctuary 4:55
8. The Fire of Power 4:38
9. Antikrists Mirakel 7:10

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