Monday, January 1, 2018

Bläkken (by MMB)

Bläkken is a new band to this publication and they say that they are from Poland. This publication is unable to give much in the way of information, like a biography, but at the first link below you can listen to their recording. The music is extreme metal, but perhaps you will be surprised by how catchy it is. The music is mostly in the terrain of death metal and black metal, maybe the guitar tone and the catchy sound is closer to black metal and thrash, but the rhythm of the songs has a death metal spirit to it. The vocals are somewhere between death metal and black metal. Anyway, enough about genres. They seem to be a young band more interested in writing memorable songs for headbanging and moshing than worrying about what genre it is. It's ear-friendly, listener-friendly extreme metal, and the songs move at an uptempo pace that would work well in the live setting.
They say that they formed in 2017, actually, and they also say that they love Decapitated, Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth, amongst others. As you can tell, then, they write songs that can get the crowd moving in some way. The songs have a beat, and take one listen to warn of what's coming: Bläkken is what you hear and Bläkken is what you get. I don't have the lyrics, but I hear a lot of anger in the lyrics, including threatening and cursing. Maybe someone has made the vocalist angry. Maybe this is the way they feel because they live in Poland. Maybe this is the way of extreme metal? Only Bläkken knows what pumps the anger and hate through the veins of Bläkken. Maybe you, too, can now walk right in and break the doors open and join the Bläkken hate crew roll along to your angry little heart. You and Bläkken can hate together.
Bläkk Blood
released September 1, 2017
1.Meat Grinding Death Machine 05:00
2.To Bite The Dust 03:48
3.Living Nightmare 03:15
4.Death Carnival 04:38

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