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Metal Blade
release: 30 October 2015
RAM will make you think that they have, through the power of spells and magic, channeled the spirit of “Don’t Break the Oath” and “British Steel” into their album. This thing rolls out with “Return of the Iron Tyrant,” which is so good to make you wonder if they ate up the whole pie on the first song and now there’s no way that the rest of the album can be good. If you run of juice at the beginning, how can the action continue, right?
Wrong! I thought these cowboys had fumbled the ball and shot themselves on the foot. Then, they ride out with the second song “Eyes of the Night” and they are back on the horse. I see, things are about to get interesting. Game on, RAM. We can’t get along, let’s get it on.
The childhood memories and subconscious of RAM is filled with a 24/7 prime time, big time Judas Priest-Mercyful Fate constant rotation of anthems. What is big heavy metal? RAM is big heavy metal! Huge, catchy riffs straight from the Tipton/Downing and the Shermann/Denner schools of guitar mastery, with a sound to match. It’s for those of you that live for the classics of the genre: Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate. The album sounds catchy from the moment it comes on because that’s exactly how RAM works. You want the big tunes? Come and get it, it’s hot and ready for headbanging all day, every day.
What about the vocals? There are shades of the young and the mature Rob Halford, some of the twisted King Diamond vocalizing, but overall RAM sounds like RAM. After a bunch of listens, I’m convinced. I had my doubts about this album, about RAM. I don’t have doubts anymore.
The band makes its intentions clear:
“RAM was created back in '99 by Harry Granroth, who wanted to form a real heavy metal band; he was sick of the misinterpretation of metal that ruled the scene back then and had a pile of material that he wanted to bring to life. He soon found Daniel Johansson, a young but experienced and very talented guitar player who welded a traditional metal guitar style. The two started working on some of Harry's earlier material and began to write new songs. After a long and tiresome search, Harry then found Oscar Carlquist; a powerful heavy metal vocalist with a mutual hatred for the current metal scene. Oscar quickly became involved in the song writing process and quickly crafted interesting lyrics to accompany the music. The backbone of RAM was formed. Oscar brought in drummer Morgan Pettersson, one of the few drummers left who still played the 70/80's hard and heavy drumming style. They then recruited the legendary Leif Larsson, an icon in Gothenburg metal as he had previously been a member of Frozen Eyes.”
As you can see below, the band has been working the metal ways for years now. This is what they do. Just in case you are curious, this is what Metal Archives says about the band’s 2005 debut: “RAM from Sweden is a relatively new upcoming band that play basic and classic Traditional Heavy Metal, all according to the metal school-book. Heavy riffing, good vocalist with a lot of high-pitched screams, melodies with great hooks, lots of guitar solos. If you mix some Accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate – you have what RAM’s concept is all about. And as you (perhaps) already has started to think, I can say this: Hell yeah, what a great debut album “Forced Entry” is!”
Sudden Impact EP 2003
Forced Entry Full-length 2005
The Devil's Pathway / Sea of Skulls Split 2006
I Pounding Metal Fest Split video 2008
Lightbringer Full-length 2009
Under the Scythe Single 2011
Death Full-length 2012
Under Command Split 2014
Svbversvm Full-length
Thus, the years have passed, but the spirit of RAM remains the same. Don’t miss out this time.
Go listen to “Eyes of the Night” here.

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