Saturday, November 28, 2015

free black metal: Morrow (Washington state)

Morrow (Washington state)
release date: November 24th, 2015
Recently on a previous issue of Metal Bulletin Zine there was information about Black Tears, the solo project of a certain Trevor Eulau in the state of Washington.
The following is how Black Tears described itself: In the search of a darker form of expression, Trevor Eulau started the project Black Tears to convey a deep feeling of melancholy and longing into melodic black metal. In May of 2015, the first EP "Forgotten" was released. Ranging from slow, depressive doom metal to cascading tremelo picking and blast beats, "Forgotten" is a sorrowful journey into the soul. With future plans to create a longer, more cinematic listening experience, and possibly pull together live members, the future of Black Tears is full of possibilities.
Facebook gives the following personnel:
Trevor Eulau: guitar
Drew Harper: guitar
Ben Afallouss: vocals, guitars
Now there is new information. Black Tears has changed the name to Morrow because they think that it fits them better.
You can obtain the black metal recording for free at Bandcamp.
The recording is called “Forgotten”:
1.Forgotten 06:26
2.Remnants of This Sorrow 06:36
3.Longing... 02:24
4.The Abyss of Life 07:42
total time 23:08
The band appears to be from the Seattle region, but I cannot say with certainty if it’s Seattle proper or not. At any rate, Morrow is a promising black metal band. It’s black metal with slower/melancholic segments. In my opinion, so far, the band is doing a good balance. It’s going to be interesting to see if they can keep their black metal as they come along. Rather, I mean: I hope that they don’t lose their black metal because it is sad to see our young metal musicians lose their souls to hipster/post-rock “evolution” or “maturing.” Beware of hipster friends, they will try to change you and tell you that metal is “conservative” or not “cool,” especially in this Seattle/Portland axis of hipsterdom. Yuck.

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