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review: Zarpa

review by MMB
Dispuestos para atacar
Pure Steel Records
The 2016 album by traditional heavy metal band Zarpa represents another great chapter in the decades of history of the Spanish steelmakers. Formed in 1977 in Valencia, Spain, Dispuestos para atacar, which translates to something like “willing to attack,” has some 17 studio albums, according to Metal Archives. Zarpa’s debut Los 4 jinetes del apocalípsis is from 1978, then they had demo in 1980, an album in 1983 and another one in 1984.
Unfortunately for them, the 1990s were not a good period for them and they virtually disappeared during that time, and it wasn’t until 2000 that they had the returning album Zeta. Ever since then, more or less, they have been active, making albums and doing gigs.
If you support traditional heavy metal in Spanish and you are not too familiar with Zarpa, you are going to be surprised in two ways. First, you will find a massive discography that goes back all the way to the late 70s. Second, this new album is total devotion to the sounds of true/classic heavy metal. The band represents everything that is heavy metal; the riffs that you want, and the energy that you seek, and the melodies that you hope for. From fast, rocking headbangers to uptempo sing-along winners, Zarpa is very experienced and it shows. Of course, it is in Spanish, and that may be a problem for some people, but the choruses and lyrics are the same in any language and if you have the lyrics in front of you, you may find yourself learning a bit of Spanish through the magic of Zarpa.
Zarpa is serious heavy metal, as you can tell, but they also have a heavy metal sense of humor in the form of the track “El reverendo judas,” which, as you might have guessed by now, it is in honor of Judas Priest. Zarpa guitarist/singer/mastermind Vicente Feijóo praises the Brummies and their 1977 wonderful album Sin after Sin. Remember that Zarpa started in 1977. Zarpa in 2016 is in good shape, and for those that have not acquainted themselves with the band before, it’s never too late to start.
Zarpa, "Dispuestos para atacar"-2016-Album completo-
Zarpa,"Dispuestos para atacar"-2016-Album completo-

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