Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NEWS: FERNDAL sign with Einheit Produktionen

Puissance, dignity, veracity - FERNDAL sign with Einheit Produktionen
It's not happening too often that a newly founded band is able to register a record deal within months, without a tone getting abroad. FERNDAL, a German black metal band being established in April, accomplished that and signed a contract with Einheit Produktionen in November. The quintett from the westphalian Muensterland, with EIS musicians Alboin and Abarus being active members, mesmerizes with a unique sonic world: Apart from a violoncello as en equally deployed instruments besides the guitars, the band blends in influences reaching from Darkthrone to Windir, from Beethoven to Arvo Pärt and from baroque grace to romantic melancholy, within a veil of pure black metal aggression. FERNDAL will start performing live in 2017, for example on Ragnarök Festival.
The debut album "Ferndal" will be published in April 2017 on Einheit Produktionen, adorned by an artwork drawn by LUX DIVINA vocalist Norax. Gaze on a first teaser here.
FERNDAL album 2017 teaser

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