Tuesday, December 27, 2016

NEWS: Slamophiliac

CDN Records
Release: 1 January 2017
In the city of San Antonio, Texas, U.S. there is a one-man ultra death metal factory called Slamophiliac and his name is Darryn Palmer. He wakes up in the morning thinking about brutal death metal and goes to bed thinking about brutal death metal and slam death metal rules his life. In another words, he is just like you and you want the heaviest, fastest, most brutal death metal that you can take in this life, the next one and the life after that one. You want that all-you-can-eat death metal buffet and Slamophiliac is meant to satisfy. The time for slam is here. There is a two-step plan in place. (1) Release the album on the 1st of January of 2017 and (2) give the ultra death metal fanatics exactly what they want, from sea to shining sea, over the mountains and cross the ocean blue, from San Antonio to Shanghai to you. Gargled vocals, pinched harmonics, gravity blast beasts programmed to rattle, indecipherable low growling, guitars that sound like bricks, and the rhythms that can shake the shack 24/7. Go, Slamophiliac, go!
ABOUT: Slamophiliac- the pseudonym of slamming brutal death metal producer and musician Darryn Palmer. Starting in 2013 as a joke band, Slamophiliac took a turn for the serious after the label Brutal Gear agreed to release the debut album "Aborted Into Absolute In-existence". Shortly after, CDN Records picked up Slamophiliac and have released several albums since.
Are you sick of the usual gore-infused tropes found within this sub-genre? Well, let this newest of releases, entitled Perihelion, take you on a mind-altering trip that features seven highly-abstract, theoretical-filled songs straight from the mind of a true slamtellectual. Sure, it's high-brow, but not at the expense of sheer brutality!
Perihelion is:
1.Extirpate Morality
2.Insignificancy Of Objective Ideals
3.Metaphysical World Of Abstract Constructs
4.Eternal Disappointment
5.Denial Of Self
6.Contempt Of Irrational Thought
7.Total Annihilation Eminent

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