Saturday, December 31, 2016

NEWS: Brazil Thrashers BLACKFORCE Unleash New Lyric Video 'Downfall'

OFFICIAL: Brazilian thrashers BLACKFORCE have posted a new lyric video 'Downfall' in support of their debut EP ‘Slaves To Reality’ recorded, mixed and mastered at the band’s home studio and is available on Bandcamp, iTunes plus Google Play and can be heard in full stream at'Downfall' lyric video was edited by Marcelo Nespoli and can be watched at the following link.
OFFICIAL: We are BlackForce, a Thrash Metal band from Niterói in the state of Rio de Janeiro - Brasil, formed in 2014 by five friends. We started like everyone else: playing covers but still crafting our own style. After a lot of hardwork, shows and money spent, came the first record: an EP called Slaves to Reality, produced by the band, released in 9-11-2016.
BlackForce - Downfall (Lyric Video)

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