Saturday, December 24, 2016

NEWS: Neravendetta

Neravendetta is an extreme metal band from Italy. Years and years ago they had a self-titled demo (2009) and Metal Bulletin was in contact with them. Now, years later, they have an album called Magnum Chaos which accumulates their knowledge, skills and experience in black metal for a work of speed and melody, an album that devoted and diehard black metal supporters might find very interesting and may find themselves coming back to the album to get more and more of it. It's great news that Neravendetta has survived and written its name in the book of heavy metal with a full-length album. Listen to the complete album at the Bandcamp link below and find out more about this melodic black metal of the constellations of the time travel.
April 2006 - Cagliari - Neravendetta is born, as a two-piece, by the will of Roberto Foddai and Francesco Carboni to create a black metal band, taking inspiration from various acts such as Windir, Ulver and the viking/black Norwegian scene in general.
September 2006 - Neravendetta record their first song "And the sky turns black", with the help of Guglielmo Fenu on drums and bass guitar.
December 2007 - Davide Marini (drums) joins the band.
April 2008 - Marco Piu (bass guitar) and Mauro Fadda (vocals) finally complete the lineup.
May 2008 - Neravendetta makes its first live appearance, at Titty Twister, Selargius.
September 2008 - Mauro leaves the band due to personal reasons. He's replaced by Giuseppe Novella (ex Tundra).
March 2009 - Neravendetta records its first promo at V-Studio and MOP Studio. The whole work is mixed by 322Studio.
July 2009 - Neravendetta plays at Heavy Sands festival in Cagliari, featuring bands such Chaoswave, Kaledon and MNEMIC.
December 2009 - Line-up changes: Giuseppe and Davide leave the band. We would like to thank them for their great contribution to our band, and wish them the best luck (especially to Davide, with his drum studies in London).
December 2009 - Luca Soi (Arcana Coelestia) replaces Giuseppe on vocals.
January 2010 - Carlo Corona joins Neravendetta as drummer.
2010 - 2014: time has passed.
2014: With home recording session we tryed and failed to record the first album.
October 2015: During all 2015, using home recording system, we have recorded seven new songs and we are close to finishing the album.
October 17, 2016 Our first album Magnum Chaos finally out! streaming and download here

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