Wednesday, December 14, 2016

PERSONA - Forgotten (Official Video) [HD]

The symphonic metal band Persona (Tunisia) has a new video that you can watch below. Persona's 2016 album is called Elusive Reflections and you can hear the complete album at the Bandcamp link below.
Biography: PERSONA is a female-fronted alternative metal band from Tunisia. Their style fuses modern metal sound with elements of rock, thrash and heavy riffs with synth effects and classical orchestration, creating the perfect foundation for intense and captivating vocal lines.
Being considered one of the most accomplished and influential bands on the Tunisian metal scene, PERSONA are now ready to move on to the international level. They made their first appearance with music video for the single “Blinded”, which was voted Best Metal Video for 2015 in African Rock Music Awards contest on Their debut album “Elusive Reflections” was released on February 12th 2016, so get ready to be taken on a journey full of different identities, various and conflicting states of mind, and diverse emotions. This brand new release is already getting outstanding reviews from webzines all over the world: “…Rare is the band that can come out of the gate so confidently displaying such diversity in the genre... With such a strong debut, it’s hard not to think about the potential of the band moving forward” (Dead Rhetoric, USA); “…Music of strength, conviction and power… To this very moment, Elusive Reflections stands as the best female fronted metal album of 2016” (Sorrow Eternal, USA); “A stunning debut from this North African band and certainly an album worth checking out” (Ravenheart Music, UK); “Catchy, listenable and very melodious album” (Metal Revolution, Denmark).
Formed in 2012 by lead guitarist Melik Melek Khelifa and singer/pianist Jelena Dobric, the band went through many different phases and musical genres, exploring and looking for a distinctive way of expression. After several changes, Yosri Ouada became their permanent rhythm guitarist, Youssef Aouadi took place on drums, Walid Bessadok joined on keyboard and Nesrine Mahbouli on bass. Each member brought an individual musical personality into the band, making its style unique and appealing to the broadest audience.
Very soon after getting together, the band started being active on stage and regularly participating in local metal concerts and events. They won the “Metal Asylum Battle” contest held in Tunis in august 2013, when they performed live on stage with the guest star Ron Bumblefoot Thal (BUMBLEFOOT, Guns’N’Roses, Art of Anarchy).
OFFICIAL: Aaand the official music video for "Forgotten" is here! It was filmed in 2015 before and during our performance in Beaux arts tunis - ISBAT, by our friend Seth Cartagena - Seth photography (who also did the editing) and Marwen Faidi from Sparta Productions. Since it's holiday time, this video comes with some presents from us: if you share our video publicly and tag Persona, you can get a free copy of our CD "Elusive Reflections"! We have 5 CDs to give away, so we'll randomly pick the winners during the following weeks and publish the names on Dec 31st! Enjoy "Forgotten"! \m/
PERSONA - Forgotten (Official Video) [HD]

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