Friday, December 16, 2016

review: Uprising

Tridroid Records
release: 6 January 2017
I don't like to say it about this music, but, for me, the sound quality ruins this album. It is a shame because there are good ideas on here; ideas that I like a lot. It's black metal, mostly on the fast/uptempo side, with melodies, including some big melodies that are great. The vocals sound good, too. However, my ears cannot take it. I just cannot tolerate it. There is a certain buzzing sound quality to it and it sounds like a strong demo, the kind that you then work on making a bit clearer, stronger, so that it hits harder. I can tell you that this recording does not sound great when you listen to it in your car or when you listen on your headphones riding the bus. You have to turn up the volume big time and hope that you can totally drown out the sound of the road. Even then, it's just hard to hear. Also, I assume that the drumming is programmed because it sounds like plastic. I find that this does not help the sound quality. It is a good thing to be stubborn about making your music, otherwise you would never get it done, but sometimes it is good to recognize when it is time to go back to the drawing board and reconsider certain elements and improve. Improve.
[review by MMB]

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