Sunday, December 11, 2016

review: Cadaveria/Necrodeath

release date: September 2nd, 2016
label: Black Tears of Death
This year two Italian extreme metal veterans have done a collaborative recording. It is a split by Cadaveria and Necrodeath, but it's also more than. The EP is six songs: "Mater Tenebrarum" by Necrodeath is performed by Cadaveria with Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth as a guest; "Spell" by Cadaveria is covered by Necrodeath; "Dominion of Pain" and "Rise Above" are two new songs performed together; then there is Cadaveria’s cover of "Christian Woman" by Type O Negative and "Helter Skelter" by The Beatles is covered by Necrodeath. Mondoscuro is what happened when members from the veteran thrash act Necrodeath and from the long-running horror-themed melodic extreme metal group Cadaveria came up with the nifty idea to pool together some of their talents. It is sometimes the case that when I read reviews I find some writers that wonder what would occur if a particular band collaborated with that other certain band, so on and so forth. Necrodeath and Cadaveria have answered precisely this question. Essentially, this is a fantasy recording, a hypothetical concept taken into the concrete world of recording; and what an eclectic work it is! The songs cover the various shades of styles, from raging thrash to the more melodic aspects. Given that both of these bands are experienced musicians with decades in the business, the recording reflects a certain level of quality that is expected of them. Apparently, the idea for this release came about because there are two members that are in both bands. The drummer for Cadaveria is Marçelo Santos, who is Flegias, the screamer for Necrodeath. Then there is Cadaveria's "Peter Dayton" who is Gianluca Fontana, who is the bassist for both bands; in Necrodeath he goes by the name GL. What? Are you keeping track of how much overlapping there is going between the music and the musicians?!
So there you have it. Necrodeath and Cadaveria, Cadaveria and Necrodeath, two of the most recognizable Italian extreme metal bands joining forces for a cool little split and collaboration.
review by MMB

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