Saturday, December 17, 2016

review: Witchmaster/Voidhanger

Razing the Shrines of Optimism
Third Eye temple
release: 20 January 2017
Warning: Politically correct people must stay away.
Listen to the first song from this release at the second link below.
This split is one for the diehard fanatics/collectors into these two filthy extreme metal bands from Poland. Witchmaster is known for its black thrash filled with the twisted views of people possessed with disturbed ideas about the world around them. The band is known for blasting speeds and intensity. Even though speed is generally fundamental to the sound, the thrashy riffs make the music easy for headbanging. They rant against so many things, it's more of a question of what can you mention that they don't already hate. Sick and furious are the operative words with them. The last Witchmaster album is from 2014 and if their loyal supporters are looking for something to hold them over until the next studio album, this will help.
It's hard to say if Voidhanger's hatred of the inhabitants of planet Earth is bigger than Witchmaster's, but both bands are just downright nihilistic criminal gangs and they share a whole gamut of negative views about life and humans. One thing is for sure, both bands will offend politically correct people. One of the members of the band calls himself Zyklon and that right there will make the uptight liberals all angry and if that wasn't enough, another member calls himself Warcrimer. This is music for those with spirits of total ugliness. The last Voidhanger album is from 2013. This EP will help to tide over the band's insatiable, must-have-it-all followers until the band releases another full-length album.
In short, this is misanthropy in the form of extreme metal.
[review by MMB]
OFFICIAL: Third Eye Temple are pleased to announce that they will release Razing the Shrines of Optimism, the new split album from Witchmaster and Voidhanger this winter. The album will be released on January 20th 2017. Witchmaster is back with a vengeance, punishing audiences worldwide with another blitz of their continuing Satanic Metal Attack on humanity. Their new song, Permafrost, obliterates anything that could possibly stand in their way. After this first onslaught, the band also provides two more attacks - a cover of Einstürzende Neubauten's "Tanz Debil" and a few killer classics recorded live one night in Lisbon.
Meanwhile, blackened thrash/death powerhouse Voidhanger contribute 3 new tracks. Voidhanger’s part of the split consists of some of their most ruthless material yet, with crushing riffs and hateful vocals. Imagine Celtic Frost’s groove combined with Sarcofago’s razor-sharp riffing with the savagery of Nails and you’ll have but an idea of Voidhanger’s newest effort.
Razing the Shrines of Optimism is:
Witchmaster (lineup: Bastis/Inferno/Reyash/Kali)
2.Tanz Debil (Einstürzende Neubauten Cover)
3.Tormentor Infernal (Live)
4.Morbid Death (Live)
5.Satanic Metal Attack (Live)
Voidhanger (lineup: Zyklon/Warcrimer/Priest)
1.Burnout Hearts Exhibition
2.Dyskretny Urok Upadku
3.Through The Holocaust of Optimism

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