Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Demogoroth Satanum

Demogoroth Satanum is a black metal band from South Africa. The band will be of interest above all to the black metal fanatics, especially those always searching for new sounds. The band focuses on the traditional aesthetics of genre and the music clearly reflects that. Learn more about the band’s activities and history below.
Biography: Demogoroth Satanum is a Black Metal band from Soweto, Gauteng that was formed by guitarist, Brian (Thronum) and drummer, Martin (Funeral) in June of 2009. Almost immediately there were problems that resulted in the absence of vocals in the band’s first demo, Flesh Viaticum to a Dying God which was released in 2010. Band active ceased after the demo’s release until mid-2011, where the EP True Black began to simmer. By late 2011, the Songs, Elizabeth Bathory, Of Death and Destruction, and Deathcrush had been recorded – By this time, second guitarist; Modiba (Belgaroth) had joined the band, bringing the total member count to three. The Lineup grew at the dawn of 2012 with the arrival of vocalist, Sabelo (Lord Azazel) just in time to finish the True Black album. For the duration of the year, the band polished their sound and prepared to overrun the South African Heavy Metal live circuit.
Finally at the beginning of 2013, the band’s lineup was completed with the arrival of bassist, Thapelo (Thane Bellicose). On the 1st of February 2013, Demogoroth Satanum went onto the stage for the first time alongside bands Touched by Nausea and All of Eternity, supporting Botswana Death Metal band, Overthrust on their tour of South Africa. The show’s success got Demogoroth Satanum invited to The Death Corpse Explosion gig, playing alongside South African Death Metal giants Bloodbeast, Bleeding Spawn, Maximum Carnage, Divine Plague, Scroll of Thoth and Boargazm. On the 18th of May 2013, Demogoroth Satanum once again got on the stage at the Metal Mayhem party with bands Death Pegasus and Casket, and once again destroyed, earning the band an interview for an upcoming book by Edward Banchs about Heavy Metal in the Africa.
Currently, the band is working on polishing their sound and spreading their message through their music across the stages all over South Africa.
Demogoroth Satanum - The Kingdom Ov Hell
Demogoroth Satanum Demonic Force Ov Atomic Fire Rehearsal

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