Saturday, December 24, 2016

NEWS: Drawn and Quartered

Drawn and Quartered is veteran true death metal band from the state of Washington, in the West Coast of the United States. The Seattle group began more than two decades ago and they are, as some people have observed, a band that focuses on definitive death metal. In 2016 metal supporters in Seattle have had opportunities to watch the band in action on the stages of the city. Also, there seem to be some projects that the band has been rolling on. In order to get a better handle on these developments, Metal Bulletin contacted the band for information and clarification.
Have there been changes in the lineup? Who is in the band at this moment?
DRAWN AND QUARTERED is: Simon 'TORMENTOR' Dorfman-drums; Herb 'BUTCHER' Burke-bass, vocals; K.S.'PLAGUE BEARER' Kuciemba-guitars.
There are some demo songs that you have released? Is this correct? They are old songs, correct?
DRAWN AND QUARTERED is working with VAULT OF DRIED BONES to release a CD version of PROLIFERATION OF DISEASE. 47 minutes of music mastered by DAMIAN HERRING, artwork by THOMAS WESTPHAL. An official release date will be announced on December 25th, for an early January release. Information and details can be found on our FACEBOOK, NUMBER ONE MUSIC and BANDCAMP pages as well as my Kelly Shane Kuciemba YOUTUBE channel. We have an 8 song PROLIFERATION OF DISEASE Cassette (Mastered by p.WRECKS, art by THOMAS WESTPHAL, graphics by CURSED PRODUCTIONS) and T Shirt available now.
DRAWN AND QUARTERED has partnered with END OF MUSIC to release an 8 song Cassette called PLAGUE BEARER. This release compiles our 1993 debut demo as PLAGUE BEARER and our PLAGUE BEARER EP RISE OF THE GOAT from 2004. This limited edition cassette tape features lyrics and a new logo and art from DEPRAV ARTS, with graphic design by CURSED PRODUCTIONS.
So, is there a new album in the works?
We are recording material. There is about 35 minutes of material we have begun tracking for our next full-length release. We have commissioned a painting from long time artist GABRIEL T. BYRNE. DRAWN AND QUARTERED and our side band PLAGUE BEARER have multiple projects in the works including T Shirt, CD, LP and Cassette Tape releases. We are performing shows and festivals worldwide. For up to the minute information on shows and how to purchase our latest releases contact me on our DRAWN AND QUARTERED FACEBOOK page, or directly at

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