Monday, December 19, 2016

review: In Flames

The 2016 album Battles shows that with In Flames the sky's the limit. No dream is too big, no project too difficult. They will take on anything and everything with a winning mentality. They do what they want. They play shows around the world and the people always show up because they like what the band does. They have gone from success to success and bigger success all over the world. Every time a new album comes out, their followers support the band. From the live footage in Europe that you can see, there's no shortage of hipsters and indie rockers that love, love the band. There's just something about those emo, whiny, irritating vocals that really touch the souls of the hipsters. Their followers really feel that strained, crying-man style of vocals. In addition, the people really love the pop melodies. The band takes the best of core, alternative rock, pop punk, punk, post-punk, pop music in general and European disco beats that go boom, boom, boom and In Flames brings it all together for their special audiences and gives them what they want. Simple, chuggy two-chord beats with emo vocals about how life is hard for hipsters and how as a hipster you have to stand against the intolerant world that does not understand how deep you feel the feelings that you feel because you are a profound individual and no one's life is hard as yours and you feel everything so deep, so deep.
American hipsters vehemently support In Flames.
Canadian hipsters vehemently support In Flames.
review by MMB

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