Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Eden Weint Im Grab release new concept album “Na(c)htodreise” by the end of March 2017

OFFICIAL: After a two-year production time our upcoming seventh studio album is being finetuned these days in Berlin based Winter Solitude studio. The title will be „Na(c)htodreise“ and it is our first concept album. The 15 songs are like a journey through the hereafter and the underworld – just like the „Divina Commedia“ by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Every song stands for a station on an imaginary afterworld map. The new album will be heavier than the previous records „Geysterstunde I“ (2011) and „Geysterstunde II“ (2014), but still with lots of musical surprises, a huge stylistic variety and a strong chamber music influence. „Na(c)htodreise“ will be released via the German label Einheit Produktionen on March 31st 2017. Further details to be revealed soon!

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