Sunday, February 24, 2019

upcoming: Witchfinder on April 1st, 2019

Witchfinder (France) is for fans of the good ole warm and fuzzy sounds of modern-day hippie rock known as stoner doom. The simple and accessible heaviness is attractive to the ear, even on the first listen. The warm fuzzy guitar and the singing (the vast majority of the vocals; some screaming/growling here and there) is also nice and pleasant on the ear. The icing on the cake is the cool slow and bluesy guitar solos. No, friends, you were not born too late: 1969 or 2019, it's just a circle to be closed by time.
Hazy Rites
Black Bow Records
Release: 1 April 2019
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: French doom trio Witchfinder is excited to announce the release of their second LP, Hazy Rites, via Black Bow Records on April 1, 2019.
Following their 2017 S/T debut, Witchfinder chose Kozmik Artifactz for the vinyl release in 2018. After a successful tour with Witchthroat Serpent in October 2017, they hit the road with Stonebirds in May 2018 and toured all over France. Witchfinder has also shared the stage with the likes of Conan, Monolord, Kadavar, The Flying Eyes, Hangman’s Chair, and The Necromancers.
Hazy Rites was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Satanic Audio in October 2018, incorporating more sludge and hardcore than their previous work. The sound of Witchfinder is a fusion between doom, stoner and sludge with psych and long instrumental pieces mixed in. The high vocals recall a Monolord and Windhand influence, whereas the saturated tone comes closer to Bongzilla or Weedeater. The general sound is heavy, fuzzy with long guitar leads and big riffs.
In addition to the unleashing of Hazy Rites, Witchfinder also looks forward to more touring through Blackskull Services. Keep an eye out for this crushing band to make their mark on the international heavy music scene.

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