Sunday, February 10, 2019


release date: January 18th, 2019
Iron Shield Records
This album is loyal to the old-school traditional heavy metal. You can tell that they have a tremendous amount of pride in their honest-to-goodness good ole rowdy-bar rocking heavy metal. It looks like they have no fear of the truth; they want people to hear the music as they would play it live; kind of raw, pretty tough in spirit and keeping it pretty real. The band is saying that they are not robots but people playing their instruments for real and delivering the rock.
The band began in 2012 and this is the second work. In other words, this is new music crafted with the objective of celebrating the legacy and the future of the heavy metal of big riffs, solos and memorable songs. The album sounds inspired by the classics. That’s the whole point, to play classic-style songs that can stay in the memory after the music stops.
People like to celebrate the new. New this, new that, new beeper, new typewriter, new spandex pants, new leg warmers, new 8-track tape, new floppy disk, new El Camino truck, new Members Only jacket, new Swatch, so on and so forth, but this German band prefers to stay with what has proven to work time and again without fail. The old heavy metal always works whether it is 1979 or 1999 or 2019.
Therefore, how about some unpretentious, downhome traditional heavy metal just like your old uncle Steve Harris and Paul Quinn talk about all the time? Cheer up, listen to this album, and tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1979.

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