Sunday, February 24, 2019

upcoming: FORDÆRV on April 1st, 2019

Fordærv: Knep Dig Selv Ihjel
release April 1st 2019 (Digital, CD, Tape)
label: TONEwood Music (Tape), Cool Wah Dekay (Digital), Independent (CD)
It’s not so much music as it is the celebration of frenzied speed and the art of putting animalistic rage on tape. One track lasts all of five seconds and the longest one goes up to one minute and 44 seconds. Blasting and screaming right out of the gates and doing it until the last track ends, the recording is something like throwing a temper tantrum when you have your instruments handy and you have a microphone into which you scream until you are blue in the face, and in this case, this is probably literally true. Sixteen tracks in 19 minutes.
These Danish gentlemen have PhDs in the art of grind. It looks like they started bringing the noise in 2015, and then again in 2016, and now in 2019 they return with this major meltdown. If this were a book, it would be a book about volcanoes. If it were a movie, it would be a documentary with eruptions, magma and lava and nothing else. Have you ever seen a documentary about animals in the wild attacking each other? This is the soundtrack to that or the soundtrack to all the abominable evils that humans do to each other.
Apparently, the lyrics are not fit for politically correct people. I don’t have the lyrics, anyway. They are probably cursing everyone out and they are very angry about life in Denmark or just annoyed at the humans that inhabit Denmark. Humans! Can’t live with them, can’t live with them.
The 19 minutes of fun and rage go by fast. Lots of blasting. Abrasive irritated punk screaming grind. I probably have heard this album some 15 times, at least. Grind made simple, grind made fun (but shhh!, don’t tell the band that this is fun rock and roll music because they might get angry). It is 19 minutes of fun, and I am ready to head out to beach, tan in the sun, a couple of coconuts to drink from, and gently fall asleep listening to this music all afternoon with the hot sand in my toes.
The album is not yet available at the link below, but their previous recordings are. Listen to those hotcakes you while wait for more grind to come your way in April. This dish is going to be spicy.

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