Saturday, February 16, 2019


Conspiracy Theorist
Release: 15 February 2019
This album is hard as nails. They do not care for making the music too melodic. It is hard-driving, grooving-thrashing pounding metal. The vocals are super aggressive and abrasive on the ears. The guitars, bass and drums work in marching unison with the purpose of making you form a moshpit or to jump into one or to make you think that you are going to bench press 500 pounds today and do 100 pull-ups at the gym. If you are driving and are listening to this album, you will probably get stopped by the long arm of the law looking to make you pay some money to the government.
No melodic singing. No sweet whispers in your ears, just aggro-angry metal to rile you up even more about politics, the government and the extraterrestrials. Oh, those extraterrestrials! In the middle of the album there is a quick break of two minutes of mellow, and the last song is a relaxing tune that shows that these Canadians can be melodic if they want to, but they don’t feel like it. This is a song for cooling down, for after your workout at the gym or after moshing. The band has figured out that they are good at what they do, and they are not going to mess it all up by pretending to be the most eclectic band. Find out what you do well and stick with it. That’s their philosophy. Look into this band if you enjoy the in-your-face no-nonsense aggro-groove thrash fueled by anger, hatred and high voltage metal. It’s not going to be pretty, and it’s going to be abrasive.

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