Thursday, February 21, 2019

out now: Ferndal

Ferndal is German-language black metal that integrates the cello as part of the sound. Classical music and black metal join together in Ferndal. The album is already out. Below is the official hype about it, and listen to the album at the link.
Ferndal: Singularitäten
Label: Einheit Produktionen; Release date: January 11th, 2019
With „Singularitäten“ FERNDAL continue the path they began in 2016, interweaving (Black-) Metal with elements of classical music. Anybody expecting keyboard sounds and kitschy samples is utterly wrong: this is definitely not artificially inflated symphonic pop music! Instead classic compositional structures are contrasted with those of Black Metal, transitioning and crossing over into each other: Black Metal songs in a classic outfit (piano quintet in e minor „Mother North“, a classic rendition of the Satyricon composition), classical composition with Black Metal sound („Serenade“) – and everything in between.
Thematically the album evolves around philosophical, psychologic and emotional aspects of freedom and and existence – sometimes with cold precision, at other times with expressive power. Music and lyrics again were created by Lestaya and Sorathiel. Not only is the band´s new album significantly longer than its predecessor „Ferndal“ but it is also more diverse and darker: sophisticated and rousing melodic Black Metal!

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