Monday, February 11, 2019

Second to Sun is extreme metal from Russia

Below you will find two videos from the Russian band Second to Sun, and also some official information about them. If you like the videos, be sure to listen to the album at the link at the bottom here. A couple of months ago their new album was released. The band works with various aspects of extreme metal, including quite a bit of black metal, but they go to a bunch of other places with their music, actually, that open-minded BM fans may find interesting.
Second To Sun is a metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia, founded in 2012 by its guitarist Vladimir Lehtinen. Second To Sun concentrate on the musical and creative aspect more and use visual elements on every song (artwork, lyrics, behind the song infos etc.) to give more depth and back story to the music. The band's music contains a blend of metal genres: on the one hand, it has the many rhythmic elements of groove metal; on the other -hand, it continues the legacy of such classic Scandinavian black metal bands as Emperor, Mayhem, and Dakthrone. Such diverse musical roots of the band protrude from Vladimir Lehtinen's songwriting, Gleb Sysoev's soul-crushing vocals and Fedor Borovsky's groovy drum lines. The band releases two versions of each album - the vocal and the instrumental one. Each individual instrumental composition is accompanied by unique artwork and a hefty description of the story the composition tells, which provides a deeper insight into the music, as well as the band's inspiration and creative process. Second To Sun has released released two albums - The First Chapter and The Black, and has now released its third album The Walk.
Second To Sun - We Are Not Alone (Official Music Video)
Second To Sun - New World Order (Guitar Performance by Vladimir Lehtinen)

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