Monday, February 4, 2019

out now: Der Rote Milan

The black metal band Der Rote Milan (Germany) now has its second album available for streaming at the link below. A relatively new band, according to Metal Archives, which states that the band began in 2015. If you speak/read German you will understand the concepts behind the band's lyrics, but if you speak black metal in general, you will still understand the music very well. Either way, this is an album for black metal fans. Here is the official information about the band.
Der Rote Milan
Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork
Release: 1 February 2019
Moritat is the second full-length album by German black metal band DER ROTE MILAN, which tells local stories based on real events during a thirty-year war that took place during the 17th century. A central character is the historical figure Schinderhannes, an outlaw considered by some to be the German Robin Hood. These stories, which take place in the southwestern Germany's Hunsrück region, are connected to the present through themes of freedom, fear, and fighting oneself in the face of death. DER ROTE MILAN continue to play melodic black metal, finding their identity in a combination of vicious blast beats, catchy melodies, and calm, thoughtful moments. The lyrics are performed in German to underscore the local character of the stories. Moritat is a logical progression from the band's first album, Aus der Asche. Both albums were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Markus Stock at Studio E Klangschmiede.

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