Monday, February 25, 2019

upcoming on March 4th, 2019: Black Anvil

The New York extreme metal band Black Anvil does not want too much time to pass by before they remind everyone that they are still alive. The previous album is from 2017, and this is a four-song EP that includes a Mercyful Fate cover. Check out the official information below for details.
Black Anvil
STB Records
Release: 4 March 2019
1.Iron Sharpens Iron 02:45
2.Miles 05:12
3.Everlasting Saturnalia (The Devil's Blood cover) 04:44
4.A Corpse Without Soul (Mercyful Fate cover) 07:52
total time 20:33
New York City's BLACK ANVIL return with Miles, their follow up EP to 2017’s As Was. Miles was recorded over time from 2015 to 2018, initially consisting of just the title track and a cover of Mercyful Fates "A Corpse Without Soul." Miles was written in tribute to Selim Lemouchi, a friend and former mastermind of Dutch occult rock band The Devil’s Blood, after his untimely passing in 2014 finding the band take a more hauntingly melodic form, but it was shelved to focus on As Was.
In 2018, BLACK ANVIL finally rounded out this EP and is set to release it, with long time friend Steve Macioci of STB Records helping to make this a truly special offering. The band added one more original, the ferocious opening track "Iron Sharpens Iron," and brought the circle to a close with a cover of The Devil’s Blood's "Everlasting Saturnalia."

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