Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lance King

Lance King
Nightmare Records
Release: 29 March 2019
1.ReProgram 03:26
2.Pointing Fingers 05:26
3.Stand Your Ground 04:13
4.Technology 06:45
5.Reaction Formation 05:28
6.Limitless 05:18
7.Wide Open 05:02
8.Chaotica 04:16
9.Spell of Domestication 05:26
10.Perfect World 04:35
11.A Mind at War 09:58
total time 59:53
The singer Lance King has an incredible discography that fans of melodic and progressive heavy metal really owe it to themselves to spend the time investigating all the albums in which he has sung. Blessed with a very pleasant singing voice, and no doubt the result of lots of hard work, King brings a lot of life to the music. On March 29th, 2019 King will have a new album called ReProgram that lasts about an hour. The prog power fan that is new to the works of King should start here and hear this most recent work, while those already familiar the artist will be pleased to hear the talent and quality.
These songs illustrate where King is musically in 2019. The voice has always been high and smooth, and in the past on some albums the voice has gone very high. On this album the voice is still high, as usual, but it is slightly lower in tone. Each song has high spots in the choruses that contrast a bit more with the lower range used for the verses. Keep in mind that King has been singing with bands since at least the middle of the 1980s, but probably years before that. That’s a whole lot of singing experience, skills and knowledge under the belt. King’s voice has always sounded fresh and young, perhaps he always has been blessed with smooth pipes, and on this album the voice sounds healthy and strong.
The music is melodic and catchy progressive traditional heavy metal. It uses prog rock, classic and hard rock tropes as part of the overall framework of the songs. For instance, on the song “Technology” there is a guitar solo with a tapestry of the blues and classic rock, done so subtly. It’s a nice space rock moment in a song with a catchy chorus. The point here is that there are different layers on the album, but it’s all done under the umbrella of melodic heavy metal. Given that King has invited various friends to contribute on the album, there are some small and interesting differences in the songs that happen naturally from having different personalities involved.
This album is a coherent presentation of music that features stories about the need for new ways of thinking. King has often been concerned with lyrics that say, if the world seems like a mess, just take a look at the mind. In King’s perspective, people are driven by the belief that we know everything, that we are our own gods. We reap hatred, arrogance, pride, addictions, misery, the love of money and other evils because it’s what we have sown. That’s King’s point, to reboot our ways of thinking, as the album title says.

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