Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Opprobrium: The Fallen Entities
Label: High Roller Records; Release date: 22. Feb. 2019
With a history that reaches back to the 1980s and to the international rise of death metal, this band is one that some old-school fanatics might already know. The first album is from 1988 and the 1990 album on the up-and-coming record label Nuclear Blast earned them a permanent place in the history of extreme metal. To make a long story short, in 2019 they return some three years after their previous album. What is the situation in 2019? The album features a chunky production with thick guitars of the classic death metal tone that they are known for, a style that has thrashing rhythms with the heaviness of death metal. The music works for one main purpose, and that is to make fans feel the music as moshing and headbanging tunes.
The band delivers sharp riffs on every song and it is very much uptempo and fast throughout. These blood brothers are confident, and why shouldn’t they be? They have a good legacy. Do you want to know what this music is? Just look in the mirror, my thrash and death metal maniac friends, and you will know. This band thinks like you. No messing around. Plug in, and rock! Mosh if you want, bang your head if you need it, tap your toes if you must.
The album sounds strong. The vocals are with the full force of the body, a semi-intelligible roaring growl. Play this album. Reliable. Trustworthy. There’s satisfaction in hearing veterans sticking to their story. There is no wimping out here and no softening with age. That’s an offer you can’t refuse.

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