Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Blind Justice
Underground Power Records
release: 4 February 2019
They have a song called “Shred or Die,” and I don’t want to die, so I choose the second option. Now, that’s how you want to party! You bring the apple juice and chocolate milk, Jojo will bring the cookies and the old Savatage records, Z will bring the vegetables to roast on the grill and those Saxon tapes recently found at the store, and I will bring the boombox and the cassette tape with the songs from this Spanish band. I should bring a couple of Van Halen, Priest and Accept titles, too.
The first song by this traditional heavy metal band features some very nice and memorable guitar work in the solos. The singing is good and the song is a power rock anthem, but the solos made me notice. It turns out that it was not an accident. They have the power rock anthems and solos to wake up anyone looking to rock out the classic way.
These Spaniards are apparently obsessed with comic books, but they are even more obsessed with rocking hard from dusk to dawn. Some songs have a bit of the classic rock vibes, some are steel heavy metal anthems and plenty of high screams and guitar solos. The goal is music for a good time and a good time it is. Play it once for a good time and play more times for air guitar wizardry, and you can sing along or pretend to sing along.
The album has a fat drum sound, and the whole album is anthemic and upbeat for party rocking too loud all the time at home and in the car. The production is good, there’s lots of banshee screaming and soloing. By the way, that song I mentioned “Shred or Die”? It’s the last one and it is a shredfest as you would imagine. Very entertaining album.

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