Tuesday, February 5, 2019

JT Ripper

JT RIPPER - "Gathering of the Insane"
Label: I Hate Records
Release date: 30.11.2018
This German band plays black thrash with lots of old-school 1980s spirit. The single-mindedness of purpose is rather convincing. When you listen to their music you are on a one-way street and with blinders on: a band that knows its strengths and showcases them. They are not trying to be many things to many people, only a band by headbangers for headbangers. After a brief introduction, the album takes off thrashing and blasting song after song until 37 minutes later it is all over.
What do you get out of this album? The band expresses a desire for metal mania. It is proud and stubborn music. It is the desire to play classic-style thrash but to do it in an honorable, respectful way so that it does not come across as a wholesale retro or tribute way. I think that they do a good job of balancing the old and the new, the thrash and the black metal. This is their second album and they are well on their way towards coming into their own with the songs. The future looks bright and I look forward to hearing how the songwriting develops and gets even better. This is a solid album.

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