Friday, July 13, 2018

NEWS: Washingtons state's OPROPOS Drops a 100% Raw Live Demo

OPROPOS is a band from the city of Bellingham, according to Bandcamp. The recording is called Infestation Demo and they say that, "This demo holds true to the traditions of the blackened aspect - recorded live, all in one take - beginning to end - no stopping - and through one very, very cheap microphone! Although we would prefer to have all future releases recorded in a studio, we feel the rawness of this demo is a great, honest sound for our debut."
The band had the nerve to let the world hear what they actually sound like for real! No doubt, it is nasty stuff that tests you to see if you have the stomach for raw extreme metal or not. The sick in the head will be attracted to this recording for its insanity.
Let's just say that Fenriz from Darkthrone would appreciate what this band has done.
It looks this demo was released on February 14, 2008. The recording has the following tracks.
1.Infestation 00:40
2.Fate ov the Faithful 07:07
3.Marble Purgatory 04:35
4.Champion ov the Cosmos 07:19

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