Tuesday, July 17, 2018

NEWS: NO GODS Streaming New Album Now

"No gods, no masters and no prisoners taken. The bastard lovechild of death and thrash metal with a hardcore surrogate father is never a pretty affair, but No Gods take it one stage further. The Pennsylvanian outfit already earned their stripes on their début eponymous EP, which specialist extreme metal label Horror Pain Gore Death put out at the tail end of 2016. Now the band are back, and the sarcastically named Paradise seems apt for a band from Bethlehem."
"Once the band have 'thawed' in the opener, they’re straight out the gate with their vicious riffs and hammering drums. The vocals, meanwhile, flip between Araya’s trademark yell and brutal barks as seen on Nails and Revocation records - both totally apt for the noisy carnage going on around them. No Gods are abundantly vitriolic, and the one-to-two-word song titles are built to be bellowed before the quartet launch in guns blazing."
"No track exceeds more than three minutes, so each moment is lean of the fat and extraneous padding that thrash bands can occasionally indulge in. 'Baptism' is the longest, also highlighting the band’s love of good ol’ punk riffs, before the frenetic skins pounding brings about a flurry of tremolo and the briefest moment of Joey Torelli’s throat shredding, before the whirlwind kicks off again."
"No Gods are already seasoned on the road, with shows supporting DRI, Lich King, Warbringer and Havok under their belts. With Paradise behind them, there’s nothing to stop them as they roar off down the highway, targets to decimate in their sights. FFO: Reign in Blood-era Slayer, Nails, Revocation, Power Trip."
Paradise is available via Bandcamp and all streaming services now.

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