Sunday, July 15, 2018

NEWS: New EFFLUVIA (Tacoma, WA, USA) Album on the Way

Steve Miller once declared he had been to Tacoma in the state of Washington and when he was there he surely must have smelled the Tacoma aroma, but when he comes back the next time he will have to deal with two aromas because there is another one now. Can you smell what Effluvia is cooking? Effluvia is about unleash the people's elbow of death metal and it's going to be called Laboratory Casualties, scheduled for the 8th of August, 2018. All the jokers and the midnight tokers will be flying like an eagle of death metal when they hear the new odors from the graveyards. Effluvia is putting the fun back in funeral with two new songs that they are streaming at the link below.
They used to be called Defecated Corpse back in 1990, but after a friend actually showed in the dictionary what their name really means they collectively decided to have a more classy name to reflect the fact that they are, above all, gentlemen of grace and elegance, which is why one of their new songs is called "Butchered Fetus."
Tacoma is lucky to have them.

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