Saturday, July 7, 2018

NEWS: Hereditary

The death metal band Hereditary has issued its debut album in 2018. They are from the city of Bonn in Germany and they have been around a few years now. They formed in 2013-2014 and published their first recording in 2015. The EP was called Angel of Decay, and now their first album is called Sin. The music is generally melodic extreme metal, with thrashy galloping riffs for headbanging, and traditional, old-school growling. The compositions come across as intelligible songs, with a good dose of melody, but very much in the realm of extreme metal. The sound quality is pretty serious, and it's better than you would expect from a do-it-yourself band, but this band has spent its own money into making a quality recording of which they can be proud.
It's reasonable to say that the band may appeal to segments of the death metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal and metalcore crowds, especially if the listener prefers direct songs, headbanging and a bit of melody. Hereditary gives the impression that they care about more about memorable songs, than fitting into a particular subgenre or trying to be the heaviest, most brutal or trendy band around.
release date: May 18th, 2018
label: independent
1.Prophecy of Fear 03:25
2.Resurrected Persecutor 04:22
3.Desolate Cremation 04:14
4.Buried in Exploited Flesh 02:53
5.Impurity 03:51
6.Evilution 01:11
7.Pelagos 02:17
8.The Sound of Pestilence 03:50
9.Angel of Decay 03:46
10.Vengeance 03:21
11.Flesh & Bones 02:45
12.Sacharja 02:30
13.Inception of the End 03:31
total time 41:56

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