Saturday, July 28, 2018

Ghostblood (review by MMB)

Honey, I Raised the Dead
Release date: April 20th, 2018
label: independent
Ghostblood is a rough-and-tumble listen for any time of day, whether you are doing your best to make sure you turn in your homework on time for once in your life or when you’re trying to figure out how to unclog that slow-draining bathroom sink you have filled up with your headbanging red hair or when you are at the gym pretending that you are exercising by pedaling that useless stationary bike.
The main message that the zombieswampdeathrashers Ghostblood have for you in 2018 is: stop whining about whatever cause you have chosen to be all upset about this week, “Cascadia,” as you keep calling this place, is going to be fine because, hey, cheer up, there is a big earthquake waiting to happen and when it does, the Earth is going to have a great fun time at your expense. Quit your whining, don’t volunteer to clean up the environment, why don’t you volunteer to dig some graves in your neighborhood? The grave you save may be your own.
To solve all these problems, just consider the solution for all the commotion: a rumbly, dirty and loud bass guitar that stands out for its prominence and activity in the music. This bass guitar will not be silenced. Let that be a lesson to all you bassists out there. You have been bamboozled. You have low self-esteem. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are there just to stand in the corner with a stiff upper lip. You, too, can break out of the box and rip through the song like an ace of spades. Without a doubt, this album has to be amongst the top two albums that Ghostblood has done. Efficient, lunatic and rocking: all the songs are somewhere between two and four minutes, which is great because that’s all the time they need to convince anyone that is into fast, thrashing, horror-movie, stand-up-comedy, beer-minded, ghost-loving intensity.
The music goes from fast to faster, sometimes blasting, always thrashing. The trio relies on said loud bass to fill out the sound, the drums stay on an insistent beat that will get you no matter where you are, and the guitar slashes and buzzes riff after riff; here and there a bit of zombie melody is offered, and when they do it, the bass and drums come forward to keep the bottom end thundering. Mosh, slam, jump, nod, tap your feet, clap, bang your head or bounce to the Ghostblood.
The wonderful thing about Ghostblood
Is Ghostblood are wonderful things
Their songs are made with bud
Their music many zombies brings
They're merry, stary, hairy, scary
Run, run, run, run, run!
But the most wonderful thing about Ghostblood
Is they're the only one, they're the only one

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