Friday, July 13, 2018

NEWS: Blackened Divine Death Operation (Tacoma, WA)

Some weeks ago here in the city of Everett, Washington there was a cool metal show with Aborted headlining the Devastation on the Nation Tour. After the show, there was a long-haired person handing out compact discs to people who would take them. When asked about it, the person responded that the band is from Tacoma. There are three songs on the cd-r, and all the songs are lovingly written by hand with a black marker, and with a circled pentagram and a "666" written on it. The disc comes with no lyrics.
After listening to the recording, here is an assessment of the band Blackened Divine Death Operation. It is melodic-technical death metal with some blasting and traditional or old-school gruff vocals. The music is balanced relatively well. The band is focused on writing songs for getting people moving. You can tell that they have the chops on the guitar and the guitar solos are a highlight of the recording, but the riffing is good, too, and the technical and melodic and groove elements make the songs rather intelligible without having to work like a scientist in a laboratory to figure out where the songs are located. In addition, the vocals are surprisingly clear. Total extreme metal growling, but you can understand just about all the words. For instance, some of the lyrics, which are not present here, are focused on organized religion, of which this band seems not to be very supportive.
This demo is a good representation of the overall style of the band. You can tell where they are headed with these songs. You can hear that there is a certain level of instrumental and vocal maturity/skill going on, which suggests that the musicians are not novices at their chosen positions. The three songs on the disc are: "Delusional God Complex," "Immaculate Deception," "Blackened Divine Death Operation."
Biography: Hailing from Tacoma, Washington, Blackened Divine Death Operation are a 3 piece band looking to make waves around the globe with their sinister brand of blackened death metal. Formed in L.A. by Ben Cole and Lief Larson, the band moved to Tacoma in 2016 where they met vocalist Cody Frazier and have been writing and recording steadily ever since. The music, which can only be described as utter annihilation, is a punishing assault on the listener's senses, guaranteed to captivate and delight any fan of extreme metal. Technically proficient, the band are currently searching for the right drummer to perform with and are looking to release their debut album over the summer. Keep on the lookout for the hurricane that is Blackened Divine Death Operation!

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