Wednesday, July 18, 2018

favorite album released this week, July 15-21, 2018: Cryonic Temple

[by MMB]
Cryonic Temple
Scarlet Records
July 20th, 2018
The melodic power metal band Cryonic Temple (Sweden, 1996) released some seven, yes, seven demos between 1997 and 2000, then four studio albums (2002, 2003, 2005, 2008), and then there was silence until 2017’s return-to-the-throne excellent Into the Glorious Battle (12 full songs).
They are on a roll now. A strong album in 2017, another one in 2018. Deliverance is 13 full songs; about an hour of music. Frankly, it is very surprising that they are back already with a new album, but the long silence did cost them a lot of ground and they have to get back on track, get some momentum going again and begin taking back the territory that they lost. Well, Deliverance is another gigantic campaign to get Cryonic Temple back in the spotlight. They are showing great resolve and a will to work hard and to let the people know that the band is not going to disappear.
Deliverance is such a wonderful album from start to finish. Fans of European-style contemporary melodic and power metal should consider putting Cryonic Temple at the top of the agenda. They deserve that more fans of the genre discover them. If the Swedes continue putting out such quality albums on a regular basis, in five to ten years from now they will be on their way to getting a much bigger piece of the European pie. With albums like this one, it is going to be a really bad idea to ignore them.
Some reviews by power metal fans have complained that bands like Kamelot and Edguy and others just cannot seem to make good power metal albums anymore as when the genre experienced a revival around the turn of the century. Some fans might agree or not with that negative view. Regardless, power metal supporters today in 2018 that are into big songs should enter the Cryonic Temple. The fast songs, the huge melodies, the power ballads, the catchy tunes, the pop sensibilities, and of course, the singing, it’s all here the way that this genre is supposed to be.
Power metal fans, Cryonic Temple is coming to join the kingdom, lower the bridge and let them into the castle.

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