Monday, July 23, 2018

NEWS: New HESSIAN Album in September

The new Hessian album will be called Mercenary Retrograde, scheduled for September 14th, 2018. The chosen field of operations for Hessian is classic-style 1970s heavy metal. Both the American sound of wild and free melodic heavy rock and the mid-to-late British uptempo, high-energy hard rock converge and intertwine. The guitar harmonies have plenty of room to expand fully and come to the forefront of the music. The speed of the music is rather uptempo, sometimes it is headbanging and sometimes it grooves; the music is always melodic, and always sounds very grounded in the great vibes of 1970s heavy rock. Naturally, in this music, you hear the bass guitar well, and the drumming works with the bass as a glue that keeps together the foundation of the song. The vocals are a bit tripped out, sometimes the singing is melodic, and at other times it is somewhat a bit moody, changing colors throughout the songs.
Hessian should be interesting for those fans looking to hear music based on traditional hard rock riffs, guitar melodies, somewhat quirky singing and songs that are easy on the listener. In other words, Hessian has studied the classics a lot, and they live for heavy rock that can win out based on the strength of the songs, and basically only the songs in and of themselves. Come to Hessian for melodies, for rocking songs, and expect to hear a wide spectrum of vibes that look to the greatest 1970s hard rock to create a sound based on those traditions for today, for a bit of a different interpretation of heavy metal in the world of today.
See the official information below.
On September 14th 2018, HESSIAN will release their new album Mercenary Retrograde.
It took five years for Hessian to get their Bachelor of Black Arts, now it’s time to accept their Master’s diploma. The Portland, Maine-based heavy metal band garnered a substantial amount of recognition for their EP and début album - including a coveted spot as Fenriz’s Band of the Week. Mastermind Angus McFarland oversaw every stage, from sitting at the kitchen counter studying heavy metal harmonies of “the Old Ones of heavy metal” to touring nationally and playing festivals in Sweden and the UK. After a complete upheaval in lineup, Hessian are now ready with their second album Mercenary Retrograde - a wholly apt name. Angus has called up some rock n’ roll soldiers to aid him, including Greg Souza, Mike Pearce, and Zöey Haab.
“The title of the album reflects the history of the band at the time of writing. Mercenary because the band consisted of hired guns, and Retrograde because we are always looking back to the Old Ones of heavy metal for inspiration.” While Thin Lizzy are held in exceptionally high regard around Camp Hessian, there’s appreciation for any of the old guard in early metal and heavy rock - even some thrashier material as well; Angus’ occasional snarling yelp is testament to that. As for the lyrics, “it is an album about sex and death, which is what all good metal albums are, at heart, about.” That goes for the rockin’ opener “I Wish I Was Dead”, the macabre “Skull Ring” or the decadent and doomy “The Viper”. Final track “Manos - The Hands of Fate” rings out on a strong note with some phenomenal saxophone work over the heavy riffing.
Hessian have been through the wringer, but perseverance and a wholehearted belief in heavy metal have allowed them to prevail. Mercenary Retrograde is a triumphant record that looks proudly at the past and future simultaneously.

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