Thursday, July 12, 2018

NEWS: Strogena

Strogena is traditional heavy metal from Peru, and they have an EP called Stronger than Death from 2017. The music is galloping, rocking songs that celebrate the spirit of the young heavy metal of the classic style of guitar solos, drumming focused on keeping the beat and singing with high vocals for some moments to break glass. They are some moments when the singing goes as high as humanly possible for the singer, and it's sure to be a highlight for fans of the style. The band is traditional heavy metal with the classic set up of guitars, bass, drums and singing and nothing else. They just plug in to the gods of electricity and ride the lighting, and expect the songs to grab you quickly and take you to the mosh pit or make a mosh pit at your work station.
The EP is four songs:
1. Hangover Queen 03:30
2. Resistir 04:45
3. The Power of Pain 04:35
4. Strogena 03:35
total time 16:25
At the moment there seems to be no news of an album coming up, but it seems like they are active band in Peru continuing to further the interests of their heavy metal music. Hear the recording at the link below.

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