Wednesday, July 18, 2018

drunk greetings from Brazil: Anesthesia of Beer

When they were kids growing up in Brazil, these boys used to watch many football (that's soccer, for you, U.S.-Americans) games and the elders never stopped telling stories about Pelé, and they would see the beer commercials and they started to think that many there was a connection between Pelé and beer, and then later on in high school they ran into kids who used to wear DRI and Municipal Waste shirts and they started to think that beer could be a good profession for them.
Years later they named their thrash band Anesthesia of Beer and they are still interested in football (they are Brazilians, they can't help it), but they mostly think about writing songs about beer and other issues related to beer. The music sounds exactly like you think it might sound: a bunch of party metal thrash punks stand-up comedians making lots of noise between the sessions of drinking and fighting each other and visits to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.
The album is called Altars of Drunkenness and it is a name-your-price recording at Bandcamp.
They are thinking about possible names for their next album and so far they have the following titles in mind: Beer Is My Business ... and I'm Drunk; How Will I Drink Tomorrow When I Can't Even Find My Beer Today; Extreme Drunkenness Demands Crazy Brazilians.

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