Saturday, July 14, 2018

album of interest released this week, July 8-14: DYGORA

Chambers of Reflection
Self released
13 July 2018
DYGORA is extreme metal from the U.K. and the recording is called "Chambers of Reflections." The date of release is the 13th of July of 2018 and it is an independent recording of four songs, with a total time of some 24 minutes. According to Metal Archives, they formed in 2015. This is their third recording.
The music is grooving, downtempo growling heaviness with a big minimalist approach. They play a riff, and milk it for what it’s worth, and move on to a new one and then proceed to juice that one with the vibe of a hardcore band. In short, it is mostly chugging, grooving heaviness. On top of the heaviness you will find a devoted growler who often prefers to do extended, long growling and dwells on the growling itself as an art worthy of developing.
The band so far shows no interest in melody, and seems totally focused on being as heavy as they can at this point. Listen to the recording at the link below. Learn more about them through the following official information.
Death/Doom metal band DYGORA will release their new EP "Chambers of Reflections" on July 13 2018.
The band commented "The journey of this E.P has been set on a curious path. The death of a mother, a brother, family turmoil have all been the things which have shaped this release into something which goes beyone us. We set out with an idea for this EP, but things in life directed us all to another place where we felt dark, but comfortable with it. The amount of learning and growing with one another which has had to be done over the writing period is substantial; also, the self discoveries we've all had to observe within ourselves has been welcoming. This EP is the epitome of our challenges as individuals and a group, as well as our hope to see beyond the veil which we have created, as people, and as a planet."
About DYGORA: The Death/Doom metal legion Dygora came to life in 2016 with the initial collaboration of vocalist Omar Swaby & guitarist Reece Beasley in London. To complete this early incarnation, the band rounded out their sound with a second guitarist Mark Cross and Kieran Heraghty on drums, and a year later solidified the line up with the addition of Archie Farrer on bass guitar.
Dygora set out early on to hit as much of the UK as possible, playing live to showcase their unique blend of metal, with evil throaty vocals that could curdle blood, non-stop pummeling drums and blistering guitar riffs that go from articulate death metal picking to some of the heaviest doom-laden progressions that this planet has ever heard.
2018 sees a new year for Dygora with the unveiling of their latest EP titled “Chambers of Reflections”. This follow up to their previously released demo is slated to come out in July to an eagerly anticipating audience of metal heads. This also marks the year that Dygora will play their first international show when they head out to Tokyo this September. Dygora have been writing, touring and recording for almost two years now, and making a prominent mark in the local scene, and delivering an auditory message that reflects upon their turmoil. They are ready to bring their interpretation of extremity and perseverance around the world.
"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken".

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