Monday, July 16, 2018

NEWS: Sedation Therapy's 2018 Demo

Not much information is available at this moment about Sedation Therapy. Online the band says that they are from Tacoma, Washington, U.S. What they have on Bandcamp is a demo from June of 2018. The recording is old-school death doom with simplistic, super heavy guitars, and some moments of uptempo energy, and super low gruff vocals that are completely indecipherable, and fit well into the nebulous mass of their sound.
No information about the personnel seems to be available at this point, but you can hear the entire recording at the link below.
Sedation Therapy
release date: June 23rd, 2018
label: independent
1. Intro 02:18
2. Crippling Disbelief 02:35
3. Withered 02:10
4. Dissolving Sensible Thought 04:22
total time 11:25

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