Monday, July 16, 2018

Finnr's Cane (review by MMB)

Finnr's Cane
label: Prophecy Productions
release date: 20 July 2018
This particular Elegy musically signifies a place to find melancholy and despondency in abundance. It’s where time slows down and the sorrowful notes stay for a while welcoming patience and the willingness to escape the ever-present speedy march of time, deadlines, and hurrying up. In a way, if you don’t feel like taking the time to give the music a proper listen, then you won’t understand it because in order to comprehend the constitution of the album it is necessary to permit it more than a few seconds, more than several minutes to unfold.
Fans of atmospheric and ambient black metal, of doom, of folk and of slow genres it general would be the potential audiences for this album. The vocals are extreme metal growling, but the overall feeling is melancholic, not angry, not violent. The vocals are not an upfront obnoxious roar, but a bit more a distant, gentle murmur growling without the intention of drowning out the other instruments. There is a wee bit of depressive singing here and there, too.
As if you didn’t know it already, the band is not the type that goes around giving the metal horns and telling people to “start a f****** mosh pit, m************!”; it’s not “bros, wrestling, and beer metal” and they are probably ok with the idea that some people may not consider them metal at all.
In conclusion, it’s inward-looking music. Doom, black, and folk metal are in there in various forms, but so are the rain, the cold, the fall, the clouds and depression and loneliness.

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