Monday, March 20, 2017

Verminlord's two new recordings in 2017 (so far!)

by MMB
The master of misery of self-loathing one-person "depressive black metal" entity known as Verminlord (from this here western part of the rainy, grey, cloudy anti-spring, anti-sun state of Washington, U.S.) is on a run that seems to have no end in sight. Here's how things have dropping so far. First there was "Verminlord Demo 2016" and then "Anguish EP 2016." You would think that after those releases of disturbance the Verminlord would take a break and go for a nice walk in the rain at the Pike Place Market and chill out a bit watching workers throw some fish around and have some hot apple cider, but, oh no, that's not where it's at, folks, things are just getting started.
Now in 2017 there is the gothic extreme metal track "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" that has quite a bit of rocking, yes, rocking and the song is actually lots of fun, as if the Verminlord is getting excited about the possibility sometime in the future, maybe in July or August, we might have a couple of days of sun around here. It's almost unbelievable how much fun this sick little composition is. Cheers, Verminlord, cheers.
Now there is also "Visions of a Cursed Warlock," a new EP that happily declares: "'Visions Of A Cursed Warlock' is a grim tale about an Inquisitor who falls in love with a Sorceress. After several interrogations he learns the error of his hypocritical religion and way of life. Upon swearing an oath to her, the Inquisitor is consumed by a swarm of bats. After being reborn as a Warlock he returns with a horde of undead oxen to smite the holy city he once swore to protect."
Ah, you see, who said that the Verminlord has no sense of humor! Anyway, I have to go now because there is a warlock knocking at my door and I'm not sure whence he came, but I gotta go check out it now. If you like "depressive black metal" in all its forms and you are open-minded, then hear what's has been going down in western Washington in the name of the Verminlord, holy patron saint of depression and misery.
OFFICIAL: Verminlord is a one-person atmospheric black metal entity from Seattle, Washington, according to Metal Archives and Bandcamp: "Verminlord emerged from an earthen dungeon in the Pacific North West. Combining atmospheric depressive black metal with blackened hymns from the darkness."

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