Thursday, March 23, 2017


Wan Way to Hell
Carnal Records
release: 10 February 2017
Raw black metal workhorses Wan continue their history with the latest celebration of dirty extreme metal. For Wan it's all about taking the old Venom and Bathory spirit into the present day. Their previous two albums Wolves of the North and Enjoy the Filth indicated that the band was already heading in this direction. Wan has in mind a very specific target audience, headbangers that love their music in an unpolished form the way that the ancient black metal was. As the old black metal was, Wan is.
1. Known as Dead 02:17
2. King of Evil 02:13
3. Till kamp 03:26
4. Igeltjärn 05:46
5. The Challenger 02:24
6. Wrought 02:45
7. As If 03:07
8. Spitfire Metal 01:08
9. Full sving 02:10
10. Piss on Your Grave 02:59
11. Svarthäll 05:42
12. Inn i ilden 02:48
13. Wan Way to Hell 03:03
total time 39:48
OFFICIAL: Norse old-school black metal miscreants WAN are set to release "Wan Way to Hell," their third and most devastating album to date. WAN was formed in 2009 as a triad of aggression with the intent of bringing metal back to its roots - raw, filthy and in the gutter with a twist of punk.
A year later, the band released its first full-length "Wolves of the North." The album was reissued on limited-edition cassette in 2011.
Core members Aganaroth, Isengrim and Tsjud recruited drummer Dimman for the debut's 2013 follow-up "Enjoy the Filth." Dimman's time in WAN was short-lived, opening the door for current skin-basher Draup.
"Wolves of the North" was re-recorded in 2015 and released together with ""Enjoy the Filth" as a limited gatefold double LP. WAN that same year recorded five new tracks "Necroholic," a split-CD with Curse and Styggelse. and released a video for "Pentagram Rockers," off the second album.
The band has since brought their primal, old-school black metal to several stages in preparation for its deadliest release to date. "Wan Way to Hell" will be out February 10 on Carnal Records.
WAN King of evil Official video 2016

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