Wednesday, March 22, 2017

OUT NOW: Mordant

Demonic Satanic
release date: November 30th, 2016
label: To the Death Records
Mordant is ancient black metal as first executed by Venom and Bathory, two bands that these Swedes openly claim as forefathers. The band says that they began in 1997 and Metal Archives says that the first demo is from 2001. The band does not provide too much information online, but all of that is not so relevant at this moment. The new album is. This new work is that ancient black metal with much better production than the old 80s days. The vocals are easily recognizable as black metal, and the music is a cauldron of black thrash and black heavy metal, music for banging your head and playing air guitar or real guitar along. The band's image will suggest to you what it will, but don't judge it by the visuals. Mordant is great at what they do on here, smoothly transition from black thrash to occult heavy metal and to fast black metal vibes, it's all carried out in the spirit of traditional underground metal music. At the first link below you can hear a bit of the music, but not the complete album, but just be aware this is not a single, not an EP, it's full album with nine songs.
1.Vengeance from the Dark 03:25
2.Devastating Storm... Evil Holocaust 03:01
3.Demonic Satanic 04:35
4.Evil Impalers 02:29
5.Blacking Metal (Sabbat cover) 03:57
6.Desecration from Hell 02:51
7.Infernal Curse of Evil 03:24
8.Screaming Souls 04:06
9.Count Lucifer 03:30
total time 31:18
OFFICIAL: Long-running Swedish black/death metal band MORDANT are following the path of DISSECTION and NIFELHEIM, playing sharp, melody-tinged black/death metal but with a gnarly thrashy approach. The album gets even more thrashier and gritter as it progresses, and tosses in a SABBAT cover for good measure. This is a rare instance of the band retaining the Swedish sound while going on to play a blend of at least three styles. The album gets more engrossing with each listen and the flavour is something that will have you coming back for more. To The Death Records have released one of the best albums in this unique style and it's definitely worth looking into.

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