Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NEWS: Isenordal

Friends in the state of Washington, U.S. and friends everywhere,
The time for the epic metal of Seattle's own Isenordal is almost here. Musically, they cover a lot of ground, but extreme metal and folk melodies are an important basis for the sound. You can hear the first song from the album right now at the first link below and you will get a real good picture of the landscape ahead of you. The complete album is like that: epic, majestic, ethereal, heavy, harsh, soft, melodic and it's about the muses that inspire the band, it's not about a particular genre. The recording personnel brought in different perspectives and you can hear all those roads merge into Isenordal. Anyway, begin with the one song at the link below and just wait a little bit for the whole heavens to drop on March 25. This is just a little glimpse of Isenordal at work. They have a lot more where that came from.
Shores Of Mourning
release date: Saturday, March 25th 2017
OFFICIAL: Black funeral doom/neofolk project ISENORDAL will unleash their debut full-length later this month. Titled Shores Of Mourning, the follow-up to the band’s 2014 demo recording, Imbolc MMXIV was record at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle, Washington, and is conjured from both old and new compositions.
Produced in 2016 as a testament to grief and an exploration of purgatory, in a time where the group itself was going through arduous lineup changes, Shores of Mourning is a monument to ISENORDAL’s camaraderie with members past and present, and an exploration of the changing of the tides towards and away from those we hold dear. It is a study in loss, and a cry for a long-absent sunrise over a sorrowful and chaotic plane. Mixing Cascadian black metal influences with funeral doom, Viking metal, and neofolk, Shores Of Mourning should appeal to fans of Wolves In The Throne Room, Subrosa, and Blood Fire Death-era Bathory.
Shores Of Mourning is set for release March 25th, 2017 digitally via the band’s official Bandcamp page, on limited cassette through Eternal Warfare Records and CD via Pest Productions at a later date.
Seattle’s Black Lodge hosts a tape release show the same night, with local support from doom greats Swampheavy, Olympia’s With The End In Mind, and post-black metal outfit Voidthrone. On April 8th, ISENORDAL embarks on a thirty-day tour of the continental United States. The band now features members of Endorphins Lost, Wilt, and Thunder Grey Pilgrim.
Shores Of Mourning recording lineup:
Kerry Hall - guitar, vocals, piano
Marisa Janke - viola, vocals
Sam Smallidge - guitar
Brian Spenser - drums
Jeff King - bass
Lieu Wolfe - piano, organ
3/25/2017 Black Lodge - Seattle, WA * Release Show
ISENORDAL was birthed in the year 2013 in the Cascadian region of the United States. The band’s first demo release Imbolc MMXIV [Rust and Machine Records] encapsulated a sorrowful fusion of baroque and atmospheric black metal influences, and landed the band a west coast tour with Dallas’ Dead To A Dying World and fellow Pacific Northwest black metallers Addaura.

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