Saturday, March 25, 2017

OUT NOW: Goat Worship

Friends into black thrashing black metal,
Is it possible that you missed this Brazilian entity? If the sounds of classic extreme metal appeal to you, then why not listen to the complete album at the link below? This is the debut album. There was an EP in 2015 which was dedicated to Bathory and now the new album continues those primal sounds, but with better sound quality than the early days of extreme metal all those years ago of the genre's youth of sacrifice burning darkness metal. Goat Worship believes in black metal and believes that the old days were not a mistake and that they were not an accident and that there is no reason why that music and those values have to disappear as victims of modernity, politically correct thought and fashions. Goat Worship is an incarnation of the classic sounds. Goat Worship believes. Do you?
Goat Worship's candles burn for first-wave-black-metal-style extreme metal in all its total spirit and mind. The times have changed but the song remains the same: Venom, Sodom, Bathory, Kreator, Destruction, Hellhammer, Sarcófago and the like. You will need exactly one listen. Press play. Listen. Bang your head immediately. "Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n' roll."/"It's the return of the darkness and evil."
GOAT WORSHIP (Brazil) - 'Blood and Steel'
Release Date - December 10th, 2016
Record Label - Xtreem Music
OFFICIAL: 1st full length album by this brazilian band that plays a furious, savage and primitive Black Metal with a a dirty crusty feel that perfectly keeps the essence of the early BATHORY albums. Any lover of the early Black/ Thrash/ Punk edged works of Quorthon, will love this band!
Xtreem Music has a penchant for thrash and here's another evidence of a brilliant discovery from the Spanish label. GOAT WORSHIP from Brazil here churn out some excellent black metal-flavoured thrash with gusto. It's reminiscent of the glorious late '80s period in that country but GOAT WORSHIP's album sounds fresh and crisp and still retains the old charm. The band sounds fired up and belts out nine tracks of aggressive black/thrash metal here that will have everyone moving about and headbanging in a frenzy. 'Blood and Steel' is merciless and lethal, and will be one of the best sounding releases you'll hear in this style today.

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