Monday, March 20, 2017

NEWS: Substratum's new demo

In 2016 the Seattle traditional heavy metal heroes of glory Substratum had their self-titled debut album that celebrated all that is great about classic metal. Now in 2017 they have a new demo that you can hear in its entirety at the link below. It is three songs that glorify and vindicate the band's crusade for the might of the true hearts of steel of the kingdom of the songs of the forever sounds of the night and the thunder and the power of headbanging of those for whom heavy metal is not a matter of life and death but rather something more serious than that.
Join the crusaders of heavy metal.
This is what Noisey has said about the band:
Pound for pound the most tuneful and raucous old-school metal band in Seattle, Substratum are already a headlining local act and have been tapped for a slot on the Ragnarokkr metal fest—even though they've only got a single demo to their name. Vocalist Amy Lee Carlson established her crust punk bonafides on the folk punk touring circuit as both a solo artist and part of Leonhardt and Company with Chris Ruetledge of Antique Scream. Her voice lends the band a hard, streetwise edge, and musically, Substratum splits the difference between Accept and early Iron Maiden. Their songs hit hard, but never skimp on riffs and hooks. On guitar, Max Nazaryan and Jonny Haynes work as a lead-trading duo in the vein of Judas Priest's K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, whereas most other Washington bands use dedicated rhythm and lead guitarists.
This is what Ancient Visionz has said about the band's new album:
Substratum are a female fronted traditional heavy metal band from Seattle. The self titled LP is nice solid stuff for the genre, and good straight up metal. The riffs and drums are delicately interlaced, which keeps the listener focused on the album. I did enjoy the concept approach Substratum used, and it does feel like a story of another time and place. The self titled album is Substratum's debut full length, and I'm curious to see how they progress with future releases. The figure on the bottom left corner of the album cover reminds me of the Predator. I'm trying to behave myself, and stop with my nerd references to comics and movies, but Substratum would fit any fantasy themed movie or Sci-Fantasy.
The vocals are strong, and I'm sure fans of metal and rock & roll will highly appreciate Substratum. Hope to see more from the band in the coming months.
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