Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NEWS: Damnations Day

Damnations Day
A World Awakens
release date: Friday, March 24th 2017
Can I interest you in some intelligently composed metal music with quality songs and really outstanding traditional singing? I [MMB] was very, very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the songs, but then I could not believe my ears when I heard the singing. For some reason, I doubted that this band could be this good. Could this singer really be this incredible? I have been listening to the album repeatedly and I can confirm that it is a very good album overall. The band is a traditional progressive heavy metal and their main objective is total and complete excellence. Mission accomplished. Below you can listen to one new song. The song represents 1/9 of what you will get on March 24th. Just in case it is not clear, let me say it again: the singing on this album is amazing. It took me several listens to reach the conclusion that, yes, I guess, this human is actually this good at singing. If you ever get a chance to see this band live, just go and see if this man can sound this way in real life because, you know, today people have technology and whatnot, and not everyone is honest. I want to hear this man sing in person.
OFFICIAL: Sensory Records enthusiastically welcomes Australian melodic progressive power metal outfit DAMNATIONS DAY to the label’s roster, signing the act for the release of their incoming sophomore record, A World Awakens.
Recorded and mixed by Dean Wells at Wells Productions and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Kamelot, Wolverine), A World Awakens maintains the raw energy, power, and integrity of Invisible The Dead, while showcasing the bands growth in maturity, honesty and depth of both their musicianship and songwriting. Showcasing top-tier performances by vocalist/guitarist Mark Kennedy, brother and drummer Dean Kennedy, and lead guitarist Jon King, with additional strings and bass by Dean Wells, while not leaning to just one genre or direction, A World Awakens is an album that will have your undivided attention on first listen, only to pull you in further and further more on repeat.
Offers Mark Kennedy on the band’s new alliance with the Sensory Records branch of American progressive powerhouse, Laser’s Edge, “We are very privileged to team up with Sensory Records, for the release of, A World Awakens. This being our second release promises a more refined and mature sound, this beginning a new exciting chapter for DAMNATIONS DAY.”
DAMNATIONS DAY was founded by brothers Mark Dean Kennedy, who have been playing music together since 2005, the siblings accompanied by Jon King who joined in 2012. The band released their debut album, Invisible, The Dead, through Nightmare Records in 2013 to amazing reviews. Since the record’s release, the band has been working hard, supporting such bands as Nightwish, Sybreed, Psycroptic, Black Majesty, Widow, Teramaze, Pegazus, Vanishing Point, King Parrot, Soilwork, Battle Beast, Salamandra, Circle II Circle, and Helloween, as well as headlining shows and appearing in Australian Metal festivals such as Steel Assassins NSW and Stormrider Festival WA. In September of 2014 they joined Accept on the European leg of their Blind Rage Tour. This amazing opportunity allowed DAMNATIONS DAY to expose themselves to nearly thirty sold-out shows in front of an average of two-thousand people a night, playing in legendary venues across Europe.
DAMNATIONS DAY learned a lot from their live shows and tours, and continually grow more determined to greater define their sound. Although showing versatility over different styles, playing on the bigger stage has refined the direction of their music combining the maturity and knowledge gained through the experiences of touring and time. Remaining determined as ever to bring mature, professional, and honest music that is not directly covered by just one genre as well as bringing an energetic and powerful atmosphere to their live performance, the band spent 2015 writing, and then spent all of 2016 recording, what has now become the second DAMNATIONS DAY album, A World Awakens.
Mark Kennedy - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jon King - Lead Guitar
Dean Kennedy – Drums
A WORLD AWAKENS (Official Lyric Video) - Damnations Day

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